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From September 1sto to 20th, “The Passage of the Circumstance-2017 Chinese Freehand Oil Painting School Experts Research Exhibition” was exhibited at the Guanshanyue Artwork Art gallery in Shenzhen. This exhibit can be co-sponsored by Guan Shanyue Artwork Art gallery, Beijing Company of Contemporary Chinese language Freehand Essential oil Painting and Lingnan Painting Academy, and is definitely backed by the State Art Basis and the Shenzhen Special Fund for Propaganda and Tradition. The event presents the overall perspective of the freehand essential oil painting college on a size of more than 120 oil painting functions. Abstract Canvas Painting

forest painting on canvas,From the 1920s and 1930s, performers such as Xu Beihong, Liu Haisu, Guan Liang, Chang Yu, and Skillet Yuliang produced a large number of excellent works with a clear Chinese language free of charge character. In the system of Hangzhou Art University, Zhao Wuji, Zhu Dequn, Wu Guanzhong, Wu Dayu, Su Tianci and other well-known artists with Chinese language design and worldwide influences made an appearance. Artists such as Luo Gongliu, Zhan Jianjun, and Jin Shangyi continue to explore the road of nationalization of an oil painting. The “spiritual heart” in traditional Chinese language painting offers been respected by generations of essential oil painters. In the brand-new global ethnic landscaping, Chinese essential oil artists displayed by Enthusiast Di’an, Dai Shihe, etc. possess clearly mentioned that they must adhere to the path of oil painting with their own national characteristics, and make Chinese essential oil painting better reveal the freehand character of Chinese language tradition. This educational ideal can be place into practice and study. The pitch of “freehand oil painting” is certainly both required for the times and required for history. where to buy paintings.

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The framework of payroll2017 Chinese Freehand Essential oil Painting College Masters Exhibit is usually celebrating the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Military, bringing a visible party to the citizens of Shenzhen. At the same time, the “Shenzhen Chinese language Freehand Oil Painting Tour” exhibition curated by Guan Shanyue Art Art gallery will also end up being showed at the Dafencun Art Museum as a parallel exhibit of “Passing the ContextA Study Display of Chinese Freehand Oil Painting College Masters”. While giving complete play to the part of the well-known freehand essential oil painting performers in “transmitting, helping, and bringing together”, it also provides a platform for the older, middle and young decades of freehand oil artists in Shenzhen to learn and communicate. “Shenzhen Cina Freehand Essential oil Painting Tour” shows more than a hundred functions by 59 Shenzhen freehand oil painters, showing the brand-new achievements of Shenzhen freehand oil artists. Through the educational platform of Chinese freehand oil painting, Baichuan converges, condenses the power of even more indigenous freehand oil painting explorers, and makes new efforts to the social technology and construction of Shenzhen.

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